Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tripmoba?
tripmoba is the Philippines’ first online travel website where you can book flights from various airlines, accommodations and packages. Learn more about us by checking out our About Us page.
Is this website for Filipinos only?
While is proudly Philippine made, the website is open to all travelers within, to, and from the Philippines!
What makes different?
Unlike most online travel agencies (OTA’s), is not just your go-to site for your next Philippine travel; we are a team of travel experts who are willing to talk to you and assist you for your travel needs. Want to talk with us? Start an online chat with our customer experience specialists!
Who are your airline partners?
For domestic flights, we only have Philippine Airlines as our partner carrier. As for international flights, we have various partner airlines that fly to Asia, U.S., Australia, Middle East & Europe.
I run a travel-related company e.g. tour operator, hotel owner. How can I partner with you?
We’d love to work with you! Please reach out to us by sending an email at
Do you offer senior citizen or PWD discounts?
We regret to inform you that these discounts are not available on our website. However, you may email our travel experts at to process this request offline.
Is this website secured?
We put security as our top priority using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Rest assured that your payment information is secured. We are offering various payment options for your convenience and peace of mind.
Can I use somebody else’s credit card?
It is possible to use a third party credit card. However, please bear in mind that may request for supporting documents for bookings made using 3rd party credit card specially if credit card is non-3D secured. A 3D secured card requires one-time password (OTP) to authenticate the transaction which will be sent by the bank to the registered contact detail of the card owner. 
How can I request for an official receipt?
You may send an email to together with the copy of the eticket and OR addressee. If it will be addressed to the company, please provide the company name, address and TIN number.
What is multi-city trips?
For an added convenience to our customers, multi-city flight booking will allow you to book flights from different origins – instead of doing multiple one-way ticket purchases. Just kindly make sure that your travel date for each flight is correct before making the purchase.
How much is my baggage allowance?
Baggage allowances vary per airline. You can see the allowable check-in baggage at the flight search results. Upon purchase, your tripmoba flight eTicket will also indicate your baggage allowance either by weight (kilograms) or by piece.
I am a PH travel tax exempt. How can I remove the tax from my international flight booking?
There is no option to remove PH Travel Tax on our website; however you may email our travel experts at to manually assist you should you be eligible for PH Travel Tax Exempt. Kindly attach in your email the copy of passenger’s passport information page and latest stamp of arrival in the Philippines for assessment.
How can I make special requests on my flight booking
Any add-on service (e.g. extra baggage allowance, additional leg-room) that you wish to add on your purchase is not available on our website. You may contact the airline and provide the 6-digit airline reservation code indicated on your e-ticket.
I booked the wrong date for my flight. What are my options?
For any changes that you wish to make on your confirmed flight, you may email us at Please be guided that applicable rebooking fee and fare difference, if any, will apply. 
I misspelled my name on my booking. How do I correct it?
For domestic flight, the airline only accepts 2-letter name correction which will be noted on the reservation but no amendment will be made on the e-ticket. For international flight, airlines do not allow any name change. We suggest to check if all details (name and flight) are correct before proceeding with the payment.
Can I change my flight?
We understand that your plans may change.  For fully unused tickets with departures of more than 72 hours, please contact us and we will review change policies and any applicable penalties and fare difference. For partially used tickets and urgent changes, please contact the airline directly.
How can I cancel my eTicket?
If you wish to cancel your eTicket, please contact us. We will review cancellation penalties with you and advise of any applicable refund.
Can I refund?
Please bear in mind that flights are on a book and buy basis and may not be eligible for a refund. If you are unsure of the restrictions of your purchase, please contact our customer experience officers to check this for you.
My flight got cancelled by the airline.  What should I do?
In case of flight cancellations, please reach out directly to the airline to facilitate rebooking or refund of your flight. 
Why can’t I find my preferred hotel at the search results?
The preferred hotel may no longer be available for your travel date. Our website offers various hotel options which you may also want to consider.
Can I add an extra bed in my room?
Extra bed request is subject to room space capacity.
Will there be an additional charge for my child?
Child is normally free of charge if within the hotel’s allowed number of occupancy however child policy varies per hotel.
How can I make a special request?
You may email your special request to our Customer Experience Officers but note that all special requests are subject to hotel’s confirmation.
Can I downgrade or upgrade my room?
For changes on room category, you may email us at so we may coordinate with the hotel accordingly. Please note that any change is subject to hotel’s policy.
My travel plans changed. Can I change the date of my room reservation?
For changes on your reservation, you may email us at so we may further check the restrictions of your booking. Any change is subject to hotel’s rebooking policy.
My trip got cancelled. Can I transfer my room reservation to another person?
Room reservation is strictly non-transferrable however this policy may vary per hotel.
Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?
All reservations are confirmed and guaranteed therefore booking may either be non-refundable/non-cancellable or subject to penalty. Please note that cancellation policy varies per hotel.
Why can’t I select my preferred date for my tour or activity?
We have special deals wherein we have pre-determined the best dates to travel. You are currently looking at a Scheduled Group Tour. You may once again go through the details of the package, this may be a great opportunity to mingle with people of the same interest. 
Can I book on behalf of my friends or family?
Yes. Please make sure that the name on the travel particulars is the name of the traveler.
Thinking of giving it as a gift? We can issue a Travel Gift Certificate for you. You may send us an email at
Is there a group discount? is a full service OTA. We can customize a tour for big groups. Send your requirements to and we will make every possible way to extend special rates or arrangements for you. 
Can I get the contact information of my tour guide?
All related contact details in your chosen package will be stated in the tour voucher.
My flight will be delayed. Can I adjust my itinerary?
Please let us know ahead by calling us at (number to call). We will make necessary arrangements.
My other companions will no longer be able to join me for the tour. Can I cancel their slot and request for refund?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund an unused slot. 
Can I transfer my voucher to another person?
Yes, provided that this will be properly communicated to us. Kindly send us an email through for us to be able to make necessary changes. 
Can I change the date of my tour / activity?
No, if you are joining a scheduled trip. We allow rescheduling of dates based on the cancellation/rebooking policy. 
Can I cancel my purchase?
We may need some documents for the cancellation. Please take note that packages are subject to cancellation and refund penalties. 
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